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To participate in our official partner referral program and remain informed about product updates, kindly follow the steps outlined below for onboarding. Further referral code documentation can be viewed here.
Step 1. Connect your wallet and select the appropriate chain. Please be aware that you need to repeat this process and register your referral code on each chain individually.
Step 2. Should you desire to include a fee, kindly indicate the percentage, up to a maximum of 2%. Please note that Odos will automatically withhold 20% of any additional fee set.
Step 3. Provide the beneficiary address which will receive 80% of any additional fee added and any additional future partner benefits.
Step 4. Specify custom referral code or generate one randomly.
Step 5. Submit referral code transaction. This step should be repeated for other chains as necessary.
Step 6. Complete the partner onboarding form to be informed of future updates and receive priority support.